CEP Advisement

The College Enrichment Program has 3 Student Sucess specialists available to assist students with various issues. CEP Advisors can provide academic guidance and financial aid advisement, helping identify scholarship opportunities, clarifying questions about class schedules, and finding ways to get more connected on campus. 

How to Schedule Advising Appointments via LoboAchieve

1. Log into LoboAchieve.unm.edu using your UNM NetID and Password - currently undergraduate students ONLY.

  • You should see a UNM sign-in screen.

2. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a Service tab on the left-side of the screen.

  • Please click "SEARCH SERVICES"
  • Type in "College Enrichment Program"
  • Click "Schedule Appointment"
  • Use the "Show Advisors" to view advising hours 

3. If the advisor appearing on the screen is the advisor you wish to schedule with, select the appointment time that fits your schedule.

4. Click the time you wish to schedule

5. Enter the reason for your appointment and select "Schedule". After that, you are done. You will receive an appointment confirmation email sent to your UNM email address.

Who do I see for Cohort-Specific Advisement?

Each scholar and pathway program will be assigned a specific CEP Advisor for support. If you are a participant in either a scholar or pathway program, see below to find your CEP Advisor. 

Christopher Lynch 

Peer Facilitator Learning Program (PLFP), Chase Scholars

Trinidad Mendoza

LANL Scholars

Celestina Torres 

Gateway, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor 3.0, R2S2 UNM Valencia

Jacy Watley

Daniels Fund, Simon Scholars