About Our Pathway Programs

Through our partnerships with the UNM Office of Admission, UNM branch campuses, and our community partners, CEP is able to support students as they enter The University of New Mexico Main Campus until they graduate. Students who are participants in these programs receive specialized support from a CEP advisor and engage in events that promote a successful transition to UNM.

Find more information about our Pathway Programs below:


The Gateway Program is a cooperative program with our neighboring community college partners and UNM branch campuses designed to ensure a participating student's success in college. Only New Mexico residents applying for admission as freshmen to UNM may be invited to participate in the Gateway Program. Upon successfully completing 24 credit hours of core curriculum at a partner campus, students continue their education on the UNM main campus with guaranteed admission to the University of New Mexico and without having to reapply for admission. Participating in the Gateway does not guarantee admission to limited access majors.

Early Start Program

The Early Start program (ESP) provides students with a highly supportive initial college experience designed to create academic momentum, a less stressful transition to the college environment, and academic success. Any new freshman admitted to UNM may choose to participate in the ESP program. Freshmen admitted with an ACT composite score of 16, or 790 SAT (Critical Reading and Math combined) or below, must participate in the ESP program in order to enroll at UNM in freshman status.

NMCAN Summer Bridge

The College Enrichment Program (CEP) is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation and coordinator of student support services and activities which are designed to assist CEP students’ academic achievement and their personal, cultural and social development.  This commitment extends to young adults who have experienced foster care and are continuing their education at UNM.

R2S2 UNM Valencia

The College Enrichment Program is partnering with the UNM Valencia campus to support the successful transfer and graduation pathway for students served under the Reaching Rural STEM-H Students (R2S2) Grant. The R2S2 grant is specifically designed to target students from rural, low income and Hispanic student’s pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Health.