First 2 Finish

Are you the first in your family to attend college? Or the first in your family who will earn a four-year degree?

If so, you have the honor of being a first-generation college student. And at UNM, you will be:

First 2 Finish

Did you know that nearly half of the student body at UNM is first-generation? That means there is a one in two chance that the person sitting next to you in class will be First 2 Finish, too. Being the First is a point of pride: you are a trailblazer, a go-getter, and an inspiration to the rest of your family and community.

The College Enrichment Program (CEP) is a resource for all first-generation students at the University of New Mexico. We have three advisors that you can make an appointment with at any time to discuss your transition and adjustment to college, financial issues and concerns, academics, finding a community on campus, and even issues that happen outside of your studies at UNM. Call our front desk at 277-5321 to make an appointment with us or find us through Lobo Achieve.

Asking for Help

Seeking assistance for your college journey is a sign of strength! There are staff and faculty members all over UNM’s campus who are First 2 Finish too. As we build out this program, we’ll list faculty and staff who are happy to meet with First 2 Finish students. In the meantime, CEP is your best resource if you need in-person support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions by visiting StudentInfo. Chances are someone asked the same question you have and the answer will come up for you. Sample questions might be: Why is there a hold on my account? Where are the computer labs on campus? Are there student jobs available at UNM? If you can’t find the answer, come see us at CEP!

What does that even mean?

The college environment has its language. This glossary of college terms will help you make sense of words & phrases you might be unsure of.

CEP will be continuously updating First 2 Finish as a resource for all first-generation students at UNM and we welcome your input! If you have suggestions to improve this online resource, please send us an email here.