The College Enrichment Program provides holistic support to student populations that are underrepresented, including students who are 1st Generation, Low-Income, and/or are from Rural Areas.

  • We INSPIRE students to pursue a college education on their own terms
  • We ADVOCATE for policies and attitudes that support equitable access for students
  • We INNOVATE by developing programs and initiatives that promote opportunities for successful pathways
  • We ACHIEVE success by fostering community engagement with our current students and CEP alumni


The College Enrichment Program provides support to students throughout their UNM career from orientation to graduation. We aspire to:

  • Be known as a top resource on campus that provides holistic student support
  • Be a trailblazer for the orientation, transition, and retention of students who identify as 1st Generation, Low-Income, and/or from Rural Areas
  • Be a leader at UNM in identifying and resolving challenges for students in their academic journey

Core Values

  • Equitable Access to Education
  • Believe in the Potential of Every Student
  • Support & Services for Underrepresented Student Populations
  • Transparency

Program Goals

Students who engage in the College Enrichment Program will increase their skills and knowledge in the following areas:

1. Academic & Professional Skills

2. Social & Personal Development

3. Campus & Community Engagement