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Scholar Programs

Daniels Fund

NM is proud to work with Daniel's fund and scholarship. The Daniel's Fund offers financial and personal support throughout the attendance at UNM. There is more than $108.5 million in undergraduate scholarships dispersed to more than 3,000 Students. Michael Hoodless is the CEP Daniel's Fund Coordinator.

Chase Foundation

New Mexico Leadership Institute

The New Mexico Leadership Institute is an innovative five-year program targeting New Mexico high school juniors who have demonstrated a particular aptitude for leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and an entrepreneurial spirit, but who may be at risk of dropping out of high school or not attending college. The goal of NMLI’s program is to graduate these students from high school, support their transition into one of New Mexico’s flagship universities (University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University), and have them graduate in four years with the skills and knowledge they need to obtain ready employment in New Mexico.

Simon Scholars

The Simon Scholars Program is a rigorous college preparation, transition, and completion program that serves students of promise who demonstrate resilience in the face of economic and life challenges. We strive to guide our Scholars toward achieving their goal of attaining a college degree. We do so through a commitment to honoring the distinct cultures and traditions from which our Scholars come and through a strategic balance of individual support and group initiatives.

First-Year Research Experience(FYRE)

The mission of the University of New Mexico is to serve as New Mexico’s flagship institution of higher learning through demonstrated and growing excellence in teaching, research, patient care and community service