State of Minds (UNM Speakers Bureau)

Charged by city. Charged by state. Charged by a state of mind. A course of action. Our minds full of knowledge, mindful of thoughts. Advancing, accelerating, and anticipating our future. Artful and inspired. Ecological and encouraged. Caring, compassionate, and cutting edge. Entirely unchained. This is where each of us defines all of us. 

What is State of Minds (UNM Speakers Bureau)?

The University of New Mexico offers our community direct access to our "State of Minds" who are experts in their respective fields. This free service allows an opportunity to request faculty, staff and students to speak and share their stories in communities of all sizes across the state of New Mexico. 

UNM ambassadors have been speaking to groups for years, but the process has been informal. This speakers bureau will create a centralized effort that is easily accessible. 

What topics can be covered?

Since State of Minds is a new initiative, the speakers and topics will continue to grow and evolve. 

Our immediate focus will be to respond to requests that are geared towards access to education and why completing a college degree makes such a difference for young people’s lives. Each speaking engagement is carefully planned to ensure the correct speaker is selected and each topic is tailored to meet the needs of that specific audience. Below are some example topics. 

  • Speaker Panels (Student, Career, Field of study etc.)
  • What is Research?
  • How to Pay for College
  • Major vs. Career
  • Campus Safety
  • STEM Opportunities
  • Parent Q&A


Where do I start?

For the Spring 2019 semester we have 75+ volunteers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds that are eager to speak in front of your group! Just follow the 3 steps below and you will be on your way.

  1. Submit a request. Please answer all questions and be as detailed as possible. (This helps us select the right speaker)
  2. Talk to our staff. You will hear from a staff member who works directly with State of Minds within 2 business days to learn a little more about your request. 
  3. Confirm the event. Once a speaker is matched you will need to submit an event confirmation form that will be sent to you. This will confirm all the logistics!

I'm a UNM student, faculty or staff and want to help!

We're always looking for more speakers! Please contact Jose Villar at to learn how you can assist!