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What is the Assessment?

SuccessNavigator® is designed to measure students’ motivation, academic skills, stress management and social support to help us direct them early on to resources and develop a degree plan. UNM students will be invited to participate before and during New Student Orientation. Currently, the College Enrichment Program, Student Athletes and the Freshmen STEM Project participate.

How does it help my students?

We know that success in college takes more than academic skills, and standard admissions and placement tests don't reveal incoming students' strengths and vulnerabilities or whether they are motivated to persevere and succeed. That's why ETS created the SuccessNavigator® assessment.

How much does it cost and who do I contact for help?

SuccessNavigator® costs $4 per test and is primarily supported by the Associate Vice President for Student Services and Athletics. For more information, please contact:

Student Affairs Assessment & Research (SAAR)
Renée Delgado-Riley, Ph.D.
(505) 277-0963
MSC05 3410
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131


Help Finding & interpreting Score reports

Finding Students: You can search under cohort or by student.


Interpreting scores: You can learn more about the advisor training here:

UNM Advisor Training

SuccessNavigator® score reports will identify the skill, defines the skills and provides tools/tips to helping the student address their score. Each section has a link to the ETS Resource Library with research supported activities. For more research on how the scores are calculated:

Charting your Course Using Navigation Strategies: